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Aya Hirano

http://nowwatchtvlive.cc – Aya Hirano,Aya Hirano In Sex Scandal Photos: Maybe I don’t pay close enough attention but this seemed to come out of nowhere and may have very well cost Aya Hirano her career. Apparently, she was fired by her agency for having sex with three of the four members of her backup band, and a couple of photographs have been released that allegedly show her and one of those musicians in an intimate post-sex moment.

Now, my big question is: what’s so wrong with the fourth band member that she wouldn’t fuck him? Or maybe he refused because he wanted to keep his job in the industry. I don’t know how it goes in Japan, but I’d imagine that being one of the hired help and diddling the main attraction will probably get you blackballed.Aya Hirano In Sex Scandal Photos

The wide range of reactions from the 2ch boards is interesting, as there seems to be no real agreement on whether it’s the business of her fanbase to know this stuff, whether or not she’s entitled to get laid (and under these circumstances), and whether or not this is the end of her career (though the overall feeling seems to lean on that being the case, barring a decision to go into AV). There does seem to be some consensus that her apparent sexual partner in these pictures needs a shave.

And if I had to be honest… Well, if I was completely honest, I would want a DVD of Hirano doing all this – especially if there was a four-way going on. But setting aside my desire for more fapping material, I really can’t blame Hirano for indulging herself like this. If I was in that same position and had willing partners (I assume no guns were placed to the band members’ heads), would I buck up and just take cold shower after cold shower? I can’t say for sure, but probably not. And while her gender may have a little to do with the outrage, I sincerely doubt a male would have gotten away with the same thing if also caught. It’s not just the multiple partners thing, it’s the photographic evidence thing that makes it hard for agencies to look the other way.

In a way, I have to wonder if Hirano is being punished just because she got caught. If she hadn’t been so excessive – maybe not three band members, say only two musicians and maybe a roadie to fluff her… Or maybe if she didn’t take any pictures, considering how fucking often these photos get leaked to the public to the point that it’s become a cliche of modern scandals…

I dunno. I hope Hirano can recover from this: I’m only a very casual fan of her work, but it’s the twenty-first century and she’s a grown woman doing what she pleases. I know I’m placing American rock-and-rap values on a different kind of pop culture, but doing what feels good (and requires multiple partners) can’t be all that wrong, can it?

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