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Cammi Tse Denies Racy Tape With Edison Chen

http://nowwatchtvlive.cc – Cammi Tse, the 16-years old new girlfriend of actor Edison Chen, has denied that she has a tape with him.While there are several photos which are circulating in the web where Cammie Tse and Edison Chen are locking the lips in the playful kisses.Edison Chen is once again making headline due to his photo shoot which is not new for him. These kissing photos have been taken with Hong Kong playboy Edison Chen.While 31-year-old actor has proudly said that he is single while describing his relation with young new girl in his life. “When I met this girl Cammi, I felt that we could develop a relationship and we only just started but this thing happened.”

This is not the first time that Edison is enjoying kissing with any other girl—it was 2008 when Edison Chen photo scandal shock the Hong Kong entertainment industry in early 2008 and received high profile media attention locally and around the world. According to the latest updates these photos have been leaked from the cell phone of the Hong Kong actress Cammi Tse. Gloria Wong who claimed to have been in a steamy relationship with Chen from 2003 and 2005, said she was “shocked” by Chen’s refusal to admit that he knew her.

Celebrities implicated in the scandal included Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, Mandy Chen, Candice Chan, Rachel Ng and Cecilia Cheung. Now it is said that that they both are in touch again. Gloria Wong revealed that he had invited her for a secks capade, which illustrated his intention to cheat behind his girlfriend, Vincy Yueng. A source said that Edison’s ex-flame was called by Edison Chen to spend a night with him on his soft bed for some scandalous issue, maybe.

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